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BAC Calculator

How Alcohol Affects The Body

Drinking alcohol has progressive effects. The more alcohol one consumes, the greater the chance to see behavioral changes. Excess consumption of alcohol can lead to death.

Use our BAC calculator to estimate your level of alcohol consumption. Keep in mind, everyone metabolizes alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) differently. The calculator is not intended to give an exact BAC or determine fitness to operate machinery or vehicles, it is only an estimation.

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Intoxication Rate Factors

  • Size:   Smaller people are generally more affected more quickly by alcohol than larger people.  However, larger people with a high fat body content also become intoxicated quicker than a person with more muscle mass.
  • Gender:   Women are generally smaller than men, have more body fat and tend to higher BACs more quickly.
  • Rate of Consumption:  Gulping drinks, consuming shots while drinking, ordering more frequently will increase the amount of alcohol take into the system.
  • Strength of Drink:  Varied drinks will have varied effects based on their content: e.g., doubles, straight, carbonated, or juice mixer.
  • Drug Use:  All drugs (prescription or illicit) can compound the effects of alcohol on the body sometimes having unpredictable outcomes.
  • Food:  A full stomach before or during drinking will slow the absorption rate of alcohol into the bloodstream.

NOTE:  Food and or water will not decrease your BAC.  The only thing that will decrease your BAC level is TIME itself.  

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