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Security & Data handling

Since alcohol monitoring is a sensitive and security-critical area, iBac has developed a system that offers a clear distribution of roles and access, rigorous identification and authorization processes as well as a non-compromising security-first approach when it comes to handling and storing test data.

Every time a test is performed, the data is sent from the mobile or stationary application to iBac cloud solution. The data transfer takes place through an encrypted HTTPS protocol for highest possible security. As a reply, the server sends push notifications to confirm whether the submission was received.

Data is primarily stored on iBac cloud servers which isolates it from public access. Smaller data such as user online presence during tests, phone numbers and the number of tests left before calibration are stored on the user’s iBac unit or on the smartphone iBac application.

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Identification & Authorization

Administrators and users log on to the back-end system with their username and password which is set up after a device is ordered. They create User profiles for the persons performing the test.

For single option testing, a first-time User logs on to the iBac application aided by an automated guide on their smartphone. The User is requested to fill in their login information (which they received from the administrator). After this initial login, the user can log on with a password every time they perform a test or opt to keep the iBac app open in the background for quicker access.

A two-step identification process is possible if required by the administrator.

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Export to Quickbooks or Excel Spreadsheets

Client Management

Maintain records of your clients, their vehicles and the devices assigned to them. Keep track of appointments and calibrations with the calendar feature. Upload pertinent pdf’s and keep notes on every client.

Data Management

Response data is immediately sent to our secured servers. This data includes Photo of client performing the breath test, his or her BAC level, GPS coordinates of where the breath test was performed including date and time stamp, tamper proof security info.

Invoice and Record Keeping

Keep track of invoices created for your clients. Allows for under/over payment and balances brought forward.  Query past due balances and payment history instantly.  Export to Quick Books and excel spreadsheets.

Device/Inventory tracking

Keep track of every device within your organization, including where it is and who has possession of it. Check whether a device is out for service, installed in vehicle, or sitting in a shop and available for use.


Complete testing history, with date and time stamps of test data. Choose from daily, weekly or monthly reports emailed automatically. Download all financial data and payment information. Customize reports to meet govt or court ordered requirements.

Auto Generated Forms

We can customize forms creating online versions of your contracts, certificates, schedules, almost anything you have the need for.

Appointment Calendar

A google like calendar that keeps track of appointments, scheduled alerts, calibrations, compliance meetings, court hearings, payment dates, required classes etc

Different Platforms. Same User Interface. Equal Performance.

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