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The road to recovery can be a long and lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be.  With iBac you can choose the accountability plan that best suits your needs. Whether it’s enjoying dinner out with friends and family and you want to make informed decisions or you recognize that you need additional accountability but do not have time for group therapy, choose an iBAC accountability plan and customize plan features.

  • Real time results are emailed to vested parties
  • Daily reports of results are sent to vested parties
  • Query various reports over a specified date range
  • Free Modifications to monitoring plan (level 2 only)
  • iBAC Device – Purchase or Lease options available
Person drinking alcohol
No Monitoring


Test when you want as often as you want Get real-time results to your cell phone

  • All realtime results are available on mobile device only.
dangerous road
With Monitoring


Monthly payment

  • 2 daily tests
  • Including approx. 4 manual tests
  • Share results with support circle
  • Certain conditions apply
clear road
With Monitoring


Monthly payment

  • Unlimited random or scheduled tests per month
  • Including approx. 8 manual tests
  • Share results with support circle
  • Certian conditions apply

Frequently Asked

What is iBAC?
iBAC is an accurate Alcometer in pocket size that measures your “Individual Breath Alcohol Concentration”
How do I know the right person is taking the test?
The iBAC device pairs with a singular mobile phone. While delivering a breath test the iBAC device will randomly select a color code while taking a photo of the person taking the breath test. The newly captured photo is verified against the client photo within the client profile.
What substances does the iBAC device detect for?
At present the iBAC device only tests for the presence of Alcohol
How accurate are the test results?
Alcosystems iBac Pro unit is approved by MHF International Road Safety Test Lab and is currently the only smartphone connectable breathalyzer on MHF:s list that has received the highest certification in “Reliable and Dependable”.
How do I cancel my service?
Cancel at anytime by sending an email to [email protected]
Do you need an internet connection to use iBAC?
No, the cellular network is used to push test results to the iBAC backend, if phone connectivity is temporarily down, information is encrypted and stored on the cellular device and sent when connectivity is re-established.
How much does it cost?
Pricing range from $29.99/month for personal plan to $149.99/month for Judicial level 3 our most comprehensive plan.
Will the iBAC work if I lose cellular signal?
If phone connectivity is temporarily down, information is encrypted and stored on the cellular device and sent when connectivity is re-established.
How often does iBAC need to be calibrated?
The iBAC device will need to be calibrated after every 400 blows. Prior to the need to calibrate the account holder will receive a new device and an RMA form to send in their previous device (certain conditions apply)
Can testing be customized?
Yes testing can be completely customized and/or random. In addition you also have the ability to send a request for a test.
What is a false positive? And the best way to avoid it?
A false positive is when there is a positive reading suggesting there has been alcohol consumption when there hasn’t been. The best way to avoid it is to follow the guidelines for proper use.
What are intoxication rate factors?
Size, Gender, Food, Strength of Drink, Rate of Consumption, Drug Use.
How does alcohol affects the body?
Alcohol affects the body in 4 main areas: – Inhibitions, Judgment, Reactions, Coordination

Finally, a professional-grade breathalyzer that doesn't look like one

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